What if John Bary.....

Should John Barry be asked back now Casino Royale is the new Bond movie?

Heck no, forget about the man, Arnold is 100% perfect.
Yes, please, please, please, Bond is hell without JB
I want neither of the two, but a fresh new composer. Michael Giacchino anyone?
No votes
I don't care. It's the film that counts, not the music.
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Bond is dead, period!
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Postby Alan More » Sun Nov 26, 2006 11:12 pm

Just saw the film this weekend.
And indeed Craig isn't your mother's Bond.
After so many years of dandies, the bad guy is back and so is a Fleming's storyline.
It's not the best Bond film ever, as a media madness would like us to think, but the change of direction must be fairly acknowledged.

There were only 2 things I disliked.

First the action scenes were overdone and as such boring.
That jumping fantasy at the beginning is the worst ever IMO.
And the franchise couldn't resist a CGI collapse at the end.
But these are minor harms (as is that ridiculous habit of Mr Wilson to play a cameo role).

Second, there isn't a score at all.
When exiting the cinema, I only retained the title song which I have to say worked quite well over Kleinman's artwork as a logical continuation of the black and white introduction scene.
Cornell's voice is dreadful though but they re-orchestrated the single version we had heard last September. Craig's face appearing over the end of the main titles was the only poor thing there.

So where's the score? Here comes the main error of the "reboot".
EON dropped Q and Moneypenny. They should have done the same with Arnold, as he is the tune signature of the Brosnan era.

Obviously David Arnold doesn't understand what is film scoring and while I wrote his music was efficient on the screen though hardly listenable after, this time it completely fails.
We only get a very basic background mimic of what is being shown.

There is a total lack of inspiration here, only a raw bang bang wall music for action scenes and unfinished melodic cues for quiet scenes.
Even Monty would have done a better job.

I'm glad Bond is back, but remain an orphan on the score side.
Alan More
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Postby Raimund » Sun Dec 24, 2006 1:13 pm

I beg to differ with the above opinions.
First on the movie itself: It is watchable, but that's about all. It is too vulgar, too unnecessary brutal, the storyline has logical faults and Daniel Craig is remarkably uncharismatic. I also agree with the above remark that some action scenes are too exaggerated and therefore boring. And what a disappointment the pre-title-scene was: Usually it is something that takes you by complete surprise, something with a completely unexpected turn. This time: Bond has a pistol and shoots somebody. Period. Big deal! Where are the likes of TND, Goldfinger or Octopussy?

As for the music: I think DA is doing a marvelous job and his music is the only thing that really stands out in this film. Yes he is not your Michel-actors-get-out-of-my-way-i-am-doing-a-lyrical-poem-here-Legrand, but who wants that? Arnolds music is always appropriate, exciting, carrying a lot of scenes that would fail on their own but it still stands very well on its own. And as for the music being interchangeable: I do not agree, but even if so: What about the films themselves? I will not even mention the Connery-Bonds, but look how different FYEO is from Octopussy (yes, it is partly also due to JB, but that's not the only difference). But is there much difference between TND and TWINE? And as for the "techno-beats", some of Arnolds music is so rich in structure that it carries the scene and yet does not reveal itself completely on first listening. It is a music that grows on you each new time you are listening to it, and this is exactly what makes good music in my opinion.
And speaking about interchangeable music: I am a big admirer of JB in general and his Bond music in particular, but wasn't he the one who has given us the 007-theme over and over again from FRWL to OHMSS to DAF? (I am NOT talking about the James-Bond-theme which has its obvious place in the series).
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re casino royale

Postby ssc1 » Mon Apr 23, 2007 1:18 am

Is john barry able to write any more scores for films , after reading on here about the concerts in the uk and JB being very fraile , he is in his 70s after all, and does he want to do any more , does he read any of this on here.
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