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Monday, 13 April 2015 12:24

Here you will find many posters advertising the films for which John Barry composed the score. They include several of the James Bond series, and Oscar-winning films such as Born Free, The Lion in Winter, Out of Africa & Dances with Wolves.

01-Zulu3.jpg 02-Happening.jpg 03-Chase-1.jpg

04-Ipcress File.jpg 05-Ipcress1.jpg 06-Ipcress2.jpg

07-Mr. Moses.jpg 08-BornFree.jpg 09-Wrong Box.jpg

10-Deadfall-1.jpg 11-Deadfall-2.jpg 12-LIonInWinter-1.jpg

13-LIonInWinter-2.jpg 14-Midnight.jpg 14_18nov2007.jpg

15-MidnightCowboy-1.jpg 16-MidnightCowboy-2.jpg 17-MidnightCowboy-3.jpg

18-LastValley-1.jpg 19-LastValley-2.jpg 20-Murphy'sWar.jpg

21-MQOS.jpg 22-Dove.jpg 23-ViewToAKill-1.jpg

24-ViewToAKill-2.jpg 25-OutOfAfrica-1.jpg 26-OutOfAfrica-2.jpg

30-JB-ad3_rah2006.jpg t_JB-ad3_rah2006.jpg

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