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March Out of My Life (Lolita My Love)

Sunday, 01 March 2015 13:27

This lovely day is ending,
And we are too.
I would not try pretending.
No, not to you.
The love that came with us today
Goes home D.O.A.
A maiden fey and dreamlike
Has killed you dead.
She somehow makes you seem like
A shrunken head.
And now no words have I to say
But “Please,
Go away.”

March out of my life!
You’re in the way.
So be a dear, and disappear
Without delay.
March out of my life!
You block the view.
So go, my pet, and never let
Me hear from you.

I’ll never write!
I want to be left!
Out of my life!
This can’t
Go on.
Be wise!

March out of my life!
There’s someone new.
Who’s going to be
Needing the space—
Someone for me,
Taking the place
Of you!

I know how helpless with things you are,
So don’t think about the car,
And just leave the old Ferrari here.
Don’t let those jewels make you feel disgraced.
I’ll send back the same, encased.
I’d rather, than have you waste a tear.

March out of my life,
Your head up high!
In pain inside, but too much pride
To amplify.
March out of my life!
Oh simply do.
A lot of girls would take the pearls,
But never you.

And no
Threatening knife.
Horrible row.
I am your life,
Too proud
To pack,
You won’t
Come back.

March out of my life!
Oh lady, do.
Show me a scene
Never surpassed!
Show me a queen!
Show me the last
Of you!

Music John Barry
Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner

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