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The Lady From L.A.

Sunday, 01 March 2015 14:18

Now everything was calm down in Wichita
Before that Greyhound bus pulled on in.
On to the sidewalk stepped, dressed in faded jeans,
A girl who grinned a lecherous grin.
She was a Gin drinking, sin thinking, pool playing,
hip swaying. Pot growing, mind blowing, sweet talking, street- walking.
Back scratching, man snatching, soul shouting Lady from L.A.

They say it's tough to teach an old dog new tricks.
But down in Wichita they learn fast.
She turned the whole town on to her West Coast ways.
They lived each day like it was their last.
They loved the Gin drinking, sin thinking... etc.

She left the neighbourhood; heard she travelled West,
I don't know where 'cos she didn't say,
But it's a funny thing: half of Wichita Are combing all the U.S. of A.

To find the Gin drinking, sin thinking... etc.

John Barry
Don Black
sung by Michael Crawford

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