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The Lion in Winter in New York

Sunday, 20 November 2016 21:56

The Lion in Winter will be playing at Film Forum, 209 West Houston St. west of 6th Ave.

1:10   4:10   7:10
Friday, December 16 - Tuesday, December 27

Walkabout to be released on LP and CD

Sunday, 20 November 2016 14:31

"For decades, the consensus among soundtrack circles was that the master tapes were officially missing with little chance that the music would ever see a legitimate release, but The Roundtable is pleased to announce that this is no longer the case."

We should receive some press material late next week, so possibly towards November 25th.

The Lion in Winter at Nuart Theatre, L.A.

Sunday, 20 November 2016 08:47

For those in the Los Angeles area, The Lion in Winter will be playing at the Nuart Theatre for 9 days starting Friday, December 19th! 4K digital restoration.

11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, just west of the 405 Freeway, West Los Angeles, CA, 90025.

11th November 2016

Quartet Records and Universal Music Group present the long-awaited remastered reissue of John Barry’s absolute classic.

The Last Valley is a historical drama set during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648). It was directed by James Clavell in 1971. A mercenary soldier (Michael Caine) and a teacher (Omar Sharif), each fleeing the religious war in southern Germany, accidentally find the valley, untouched by the war, and live there in peace.

Following his historical success with The Lion in Winter in 1968, John Barry was a natural choice for this film. Followed the same year by Mary, Queen of Scots, and by Robin and Marian in 1976, the four films form an essential historical tetralogy in Barry’s career. In The Last Valley, the composer provides a score of thunderous orchestral power, aggressive action cues and haunting choral writing. The score remains one of the most valued and appreciated by his fans.

The album was originally released in 1972 by Dunhill Records, where the composer and record producer Phil Ramone reordered the material for a better listening experience, and incorporated music not heard in the final cut of the picture. That album was reissued on CD in 2007 by Intrada. (James Fitzpatrick produced an excellent recording of the complete score conducted by Nic Raine for Silva Screen in 2001.)

For this new edition of the original LP tracks (the complete recording session recorded by John Richards at CTS sadly remains lost or destroyed.) Chris Malone has gone back to the original 2-track stereo tapes, courtesy of UMG, and remastered the album with a much improved and open sound, ensuring a more natural treble and a better low-end extension. The result is a new sound experience—the original score has never sounded so good. The CD is accompanied by a 16-page full-colour booklet with detailed liner notes by John Takis.

"Beautiful, nostalgic John Barry score finally receives long-overdue royal treatment on CD!"

Intrada presents an expanded release of the entire 34-minute John Barry score plus additional score alternates and unused music including three Barry songs.

Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 367
Date: 1975
Time: 78:47
Tracks: 43
Booklet notes by Jon Burlingame

More information on the Intrada website

Track listing

01. Theme From The Day of the Locust (1:41)
02. The Storyteller (1:13)
03. The Flying Carpet (1:48)
04. A Picture of Love (3:03)
05. Waterloo Sketches (0:53)
06. No Love Have I (1:00)
07. Rowdy Rumba (2:41)
08. Soft Shoe Salesman (3:04)
09. The Garden of the Locust/Lovers in the Valley (2:51)
10. Fire and Passion (2:16)
11. A Natural Clown/The Death of a Clown (1:02)
12. The Hungry Tart (1:11)
13. Fashion and Fantasy (1:20)
14. Pictures From the Past (1:17)
15. Unexpected Reunion (1:39)
16. Lonely Lover (film version) (0:43)
17. The Day of the Locust (4:22)
18. Memories of Yesterday (1:37)
      Total Time: 34:04

19. Who Needs Stars (1:31)
20. The Garden of the Locust (shorter version) (1:55)
21. Soft Shoe Salesman (album version) (2:41)
22. Fire and Passion (2:18)
23. A Natural Clown (reduced orchestration) (0:32)
24. The Hungry Tart (shorter version) (1:00)
25. Lonely Lover (violin version) (0:32)
26. Lonely Lover (woodwind version) (0:34)
27. Last Year’s Dreams (1:31)
28. Like Old Times (1:31)
      Total Time: 14:21

29. Jeepers Creepers (2:41)
30. Isn’t It Romantic (1:41)
31. I Wished on the Moon (2:34)
32. Jeepers Creepers (0:59)
33. Hot Voodoo (1:56)
34. I’m Feeling High (1:00)
35. Who’s Your Little Who-zis! (1:44)
36. Sing You Sinners (2:43)
37. Paramount on Parade/The Invaders(From The Vagabond King)/
      June in January/Columbia the Gem of the Ocean (2:37)
38. Oh How I Love Jesus (1:58)
39. There Is Power in the Blood (3:39)
40. Deck the Halls (0:40)
41. Minuet From Quintet in E (Boccherini) (1:02)
42. In an Eighteenth Century Drawing Room (2:38)
43. Radio Show – Soap (1:56)
      Total Time: 30:02
      Total CD Time: 78:47


Oh Boy!

Saturday, 29 October 2016 13:02

Congratulations to Ruud who has re-created this wonderful website dedicated to the 1950s TV series, Oh Boy!

Oh Boy! was the John Barry 7's first break on Commercial TV and eventually led to their residency on the BBC's Drumbeat series.

ob boy logo 1400

Over the last few years, a couple of people had contacted us about the possibility of purchasing and restoring John’s former property and asking for contact information.

One of them, a resident of Germany, duly set about purchasing it but received several warnings of likely problems from various consultants.

This is his story.

Read the article here.

Over the last few years, a couple of people had contacted us about the possibility of purchasing and restoring John’s former property and asking for contact information.

One of them, a resident of Germany, duly set about purchasing it but received several warnings of likely problems from various consultants.

Firstly, law changes made 8 years ago stipulated that houses must be finished within 3 years after getting the building permit – and this house has been unfinished and empty for the last 40 years.

Secondly, the area where the house is placed has become a “green zone" area; and it’s forbidden to build any housing there.

Thirdly, the house is much too big for the little (14,000 sq m) plot. This plot size allows houses of max 3% of the plot which is about 450 sq m. John Barry’s house is 1600 sq m!!

Fourthly, the house has 3 storeys; the maximum allowed now is 2 storeys. This would mean, in the worst case scenario, partial demolition and the loss of the overall unique design.

Acquiring all this information cost him 10,000 Euros!

The Spanish lawyer who was in charge of selling the house, was not being very helpful, but he did have a real estate agent who handled it. After eighteen months, he started to push for a sale, claiming he had a second buyer, also from Germany, who was interested.

This was taken to be merely selling technique, since the house was not even visibly on the market, and in any case the original interested party had even more concerns. He explained that he needed more time to talk to all relevant government departments, to see if there was any possibility of exception to the rules. Furthermore, the island had recently undergone a change of government and things were changing -- nobody was able to confirm anything which had a legal basis for buying the house.

However, it turned out there really was a second buyer and he duly completed the purchase at the beginning of this year - 2016!

The new owner also liked the history of the house and thought he would get the building licence within 3 months – but this was 6 months ago. Apparently it has become much more difficult to get the licence, and “the Spanish time runs much, much slower then German time.”

We are told that it could take up to 3 years and then you learn if you can finish the house -- or you have to break it down.

August, 2014

October 2016

First thumb shows black - but does load.

Both sets with kind permission.

Martin Crosthwaite interviews John Barry


MC: Now you are residing in Hollywood, was there a specific reason why you decided to leave England?

JB: I left England and was living in Spain where I was in the process of having a house built. During which time I was offered, Eleanor and Franklin (1976) for American television. So I went to the States in October 1975 for six weeks to do that job, but have stayed ever since. It wasn't my intention to do so, but then I got offered King Kong (1976), then Robin and Marian (1976) for Richard Lester, which was an immediate situation. Initially I lived at the Beverly Hills Hotel, bungalow 15.

MC: So you still have your house in Spain?

JB: I’m trying to sell it (he laughs) – it’s unfinished. The builder is still there with a brick in his hand waiting for my next direction.


The Lion in Winter
Digitally Restored
17 Oct. 2016,
United Kingdom,
Region B/2,
128 minutes
Bonus features:

New interview with John Castle
New interview with editor John Bloom
Director’s commentary
O’Toole on Hepburn – 5 min excerpt from TCM interview

Master of Film Music - John Barry - Concert

Monday, 10 October 2016 10:40

Master of Film Music - John Barry

Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Sibelius Hall
Main Hall
Ankkurikatu 7
FIN-15140 Lahti
Lahti is situated 100 kilometers north from Helsinki

Fri 18 November 2016

Nicholas Dodd, conductor
Jake Nyman, precenter


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A lot more James Bond concerts collected on the link below, I have put them all in this news item. So check it out from there!

The Bridgewater Hall - Music of John Barry November 2018

The Music of John Barry

Saturday 10 November 7.30pm
The Bridgewater Hall
Lower Mosley Street
Manchester, M2 3WS


Nicholas Dodd conductor
Andrew Collins presenter
Manchester Camerata

John Barry created some of the most memorable and recognisable film scores of the 20th century, such as Midnight Cowboy, Out of Africa, Dances with Wolves, Zulu and of course much of the music from the James Bond series; his versatility and originality were peerless. His death in 2011 deprived cinema of a true musical great. This concert pays tribute to his life and music with a carefully selected programme, conducted by Nicholas Dodd, who collaborated closely with the composer on his later films. Nicholas Dodd is regarded as one of the leading conductors and orchestrators of Hollywood film music and is a noted expert on, and performer of John Barry’s music. In fact, every James Bond movie from the last 10 years bears his signature.