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Eya, Eya, Nova Gaudia

Sunday, 01 March 2015 13:17

Latin text :

Verbum Patris humanatur, O, O,
Dum puella salutatur, O, O,
Salutata fecundatur
Viri nescia,
Eya, eya, nova gaudia.
Verus homo nobis datur, O, O,
Nobis datus demonstratur, O, O,
Dum pax terris nunciatur,
Coelis gloria.
Eye, eya, nova gaudia.

English text :

The World of the father is
made flesh when
the Virgin is greeted :
Greeted she is great with child,
knowing no man.
Hail, hail, a new joy !
A true man is given to us,
and having been given he
is shown to us, while
peace on earth is foretold
and glory in heaven.
Hail, hail, a new joy !

Music John Barry
Latin text research Denis Stevens

Same lyrics used both in The Lion in Winter and The Last Valley, different melody.

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