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Is This Where I Wake up

Sunday, 01 March 2015 14:16

Is this where I wake up and look around,
And find, to my surprise, I'm on the ground?
Will I come to my senses?
Is this where truth commences?
Are all the consequences
That lie in store, worth rising for?

Is this where I wake up, is this the day?
Is this where I wake up ; what did you say?
Something in me is stirring.
Is something great occuring?
I know what you're inferring:
You will come too, yes, you'll come too.

Is this where I wake up and start to live?
Do I now show the world I've more to give?
It seems a trip worth taking.
Why won't my hands stop shaking?
Maybe at last I'm waking
Out of the night. Could I be right?
Is this where I wake up...and turn on the light?

Music by John Barry
Lyrics by Don Black
Sung by Michael Crawford, Diana Quick

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