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John Barry: A Sixties Theme: from James Bond to Midnight Cowboy
by Eddie Fiegel

John Barry has been called the most important popular British composer of the 20th century.

Winner of five Oscars, and composer of the James Bond films, "Born Free", "The Ipcress File", "Midnight Cowboy", "Out of Africa" and "Dances with Wolves", as well as classic TV themes such as the "Persuaders", he has become a cultural icon and an inspiration to countless musicians.

Throughout the 1960s Barry was at the heart of swinging London, with two flats in Chelsea, an E-type Jag and friends like Michael Caine, David Bailey and Peter Sellers.

Jane Birkin was his wife and his "Goldfinger" soundtrack was second only to the Beatles in the US.

His career reflects the evolution of post-war British music from big band to rock and roll and the birth of pop, and his beginnings in the film world coincided with the renaissance of British cinema.

Written with the cooperation of John Barry, and including insights from friends, "John Barry - A Sixties Theme" is a recreation of a period when London was the international focus for music and film.

And against a backdrop of enormous social change, it reveals how John Barry came to write his music and why.

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A lot more James Bond concerts collected on the link below, I have put them all in this news item. So check it out from there!

The Bridgewater Hall - Music of John Barry November 2018

The Music of John Barry

Saturday 10 November 7.30pm
The Bridgewater Hall
Lower Mosley Street
Manchester, M2 3WS


Nicholas Dodd conductor
Andrew Collins presenter
Manchester Camerata

John Barry created some of the most memorable and recognisable film scores of the 20th century, such as Midnight Cowboy, Out of Africa, Dances with Wolves, Zulu and of course much of the music from the James Bond series; his versatility and originality were peerless. His death in 2011 deprived cinema of a true musical great. This concert pays tribute to his life and music with a carefully selected programme, conducted by Nicholas Dodd, who collaborated closely with the composer on his later films. Nicholas Dodd is regarded as one of the leading conductors and orchestrators of Hollywood film music and is a noted expert on, and performer of John Barry’s music. In fact, every James Bond movie from the last 10 years bears his signature.