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by Geoff Leonard

We are quite proud of this website and of the wealth of information about John Barry it contains. We also like to think it's useful to anybody working on a project involving John Barry, such as a CD release, and Geoff is always willing to help in this respect, if asked.

Therefore, although we are resigned to rarely hear about a new release until it's too late to contribute in any way, we remain rather baffled when a CD is released without some basic but interesting data which could easily have been provided.

Geoff doesn't claim to be the world's leading authority on John Barry, far from it, but if he doesn't know the answer to a question he can usually find out.

Take the new release from Kritzerland, which combines The Whisperers with Equus. The booklet, which has some decent notes and includes part of Bryan Forbes' comments from the original album, gives the details of the original recording of Equus at CTS Wembley, including the engineer and producers.

What data is included about the original recording of The Whisperers?

Nothing! No recording studio, engineer, producer, contractor or date.

We could have provided all that information if we'd been asked or if we'd known that the release was coming.

Sorry for the rant, but we get the impression that, particularly for an American CD release, we are the last people on earth that come to mind when a booklet is being compiled. Don't get me wrong, I've no objection to producers who prefer to do everything themselves, but I'm absolutely sure that if I was producing a re-release of a Barry album originally recorded in the US, if I was missing recording data I would be straight on to Jon Burlingame or Nick Redman for some help. And I would get that help, too. A shame that so many of the independents in the US don't seem to want to look in this direction when the situation is reversed.

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