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The Stringbeat Years

The Stringbeat Years cover2

Now available!

The Stringbeat Years: Songs accompanied by John Barry

Coming soon, a 4-CD box-set comprising of 144 tracks, a 24-page booklet (replete with period photographs and comprehensive notes) and including ten bonus tracks (among them the CD debut of the first ever cover version of a John Barry instrumental composition).

Featuring – for the first time – the film versions of ‘Mix me a Person’, ‘The Time has Come’, and ‘What a Whopper’ (slightly shortened). There’s also an unique opportunity to hear the original version of ‘Ah, Poor Little Baby’, making its premiere appearance on CD.


post-free in the UK
Europe £4.25
Japan  £5.60
USA    £5.75
Aus/NZ £6.65

The box-set is limited to 500 copies and is only £16.99 post-free in the UK, so don’t miss out!
It will only be available direct from this website!

So pre-order now!

Let us know if you aren't able to do this and we'll work out another way. 



We have been contacted by John's third wife, Jane Sidey, who has informed us that contrary to the reference to a "short-lived marriage" in Andrew Billen's 1999 article "Dude Barry was a lady-killer", the couple were actually married from 1969 to 1978, making it his second-longest marriage. We are happy to put the record straight.

Give Me A Smile - the 2001 Corina Brouder RAH rehearsal vocal

Ruud Rozemeijer
Corina Brouder's private rehearsal recording of John Barry's "Give Me A Smile".

Corina recorded it for the 2001 Royal Albert Hall concert that never happened.

To sing it Barry chose Corina Brouder, with whom he had previously worked on "To Love and be Loved" from Swept From The Sea (Amy Foster).

John Barry in the Classic FM Hall of Fame

Thursday, 28 April 2011 16:02

Nick Taylor, Classic FM
"A great deal of John Barry's work has recently been voted in to the Classic FM's Hall of Fame. This is a chart of 300 classical music pieces and is the biggest survey of classical music tastes in the world and following John Barry's death there has been a surge of votes in this year's survey as our listeners were keen to pay sufficient tribute to the great man.
The Beyondness of Things is back in as a re-entry at No. 150; Out of Africa sits at No. 108 (101 places higher than last year) and Dances With Wolves is at its highest position yet in the survey's 15 year history, climbing to No. 84.
Check out the official Hall of Fame chart website for more info."

Desert Island Discs, John Barry, BBC Radio 4, First broadcast: Sun 13 Jun 1999. BBC website.

Beyondness of Things used by BBC TV

Saturday, 16 April 2011 16:00

During April the BBC screened a two-part series on Royal Weddings. During the segment relating to the marriage of the heavy drinker, Princess Margaret to Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Barry's "The Beyondness of Things" track was played throughout.  It fitted like a glove!

Elizabeth Taylor in London soundtrack

Thursday, 31 March 2011 15:59

"Elizabeth Taylor in London soundtrack danced to the rebel screen queen's tune"
"Composed by John Barry, the 1963 TV film's soundtrack is a fitting tribute to Hollywood's first rock'n'roll starlet" by Rob Fitzpatrick, Friday 25 March 2011, 16.20 GMT,
31 March 2011
Steven Saragossi M.A.

John Barry Special on All India Radio

Sunday, 06 February 2011 14:57

On February 4, 2011 Fali R. Singara did a special show live of John Barry's best themes and his legacy to Bond on All India Radio in Mumbai.

Over 300 people called in and sms-ed (texted) their comments during the three hours he was on live. Fali did the show in two segments - Bond & Non Bond work.

The Top 3 favourite Barry movie scores according to Indian listeners (other than Bond) were Born Free (number 1), The Lion In Winter & Somewhere In Time. The top 3 Bond scores were From Russia With Love (Number 1), On Her Majesty's Secret Service & Goldfinger.

Almost all the listeners agreed that Matt Monro was the best male vocalist to do a Bond theme while Shirley Bassey was the best female singer.

Ruud Rozemeijer

Johnny De Little appeared in pantomimes

Friday, 19 November 2010 15:56

Johnny De Little, a talented vocalist much associated with John Barry in the 60s, appeared in several pantomimes during that era. 

In particularly he often appeared at the Swansea Grand Theatre. 

Here are a couple of photos from when he was Dick Whittington there in 1967/8.

Johnny is still singing and can next be seen appearing in Silver Bells Christmas Show at the Phoenix Theatre, Blyth, Northumberland, on 14/15 December, 2010.

In the group photo below, Johnny can be seen centre left, in the brocade tunic.

Johnny De Little - Dick Whittington

Beat Girl Boots

Sunday, 14 November 2010 14:55

It's getting more and more difficult to distinguish between legal and illegal DVD releases. Take Beat Girl. There have been various DVDs issued over the past few years, mainly in America, and none of them very good quality and almost certainly mastered from a video released back in the 90s.

However, a couple of years ago Orbit released a DVD which had all the hallmarks of being a genuine remastered release. Or was it?  I met a representative of Renown Pictures at a film fair, recently, who assured me that this release was not authorised, a point they had just made to Orbit's legal team, and that Renown would be releasing their own, better quality version in 2011.

Buyer beware clearly applies in this case!

Geoff Leonard

by Geoff Leonard

We are quite proud of this website and of the wealth of information about John Barry it contains. We also like to think it's useful to anybody working on a project involving John Barry, such as a CD release, and Geoff is always willing to help in this respect, if asked.

Therefore, although we are resigned to rarely hear about a new release until it's too late to contribute in any way, we remain rather baffled when a CD is released without some basic but interesting data which could easily have been provided.

Geoff doesn't claim to be the world's leading authority on John Barry, far from it, but if he doesn't know the answer to a question he can usually find out.

Take the new release from Kritzerland, which combines The Whisperers with Equus. The booklet, which has some decent notes and includes part of Bryan Forbes' comments from the original album, gives the details of the original recording of Equus at CTS Wembley, including the engineer and producers.

What data is included about the original recording of The Whisperers?

Nothing! No recording studio, engineer, producer, contractor or date.

We could have provided all that information if we'd been asked or if we'd known that the release was coming.

Sorry for the rant, but we get the impression that, particularly for an American CD release, we are the last people on earth that come to mind when a booklet is being compiled. Don't get me wrong, I've no objection to producers who prefer to do everything themselves, but I'm absolutely sure that if I was producing a re-release of a Barry album originally recorded in the US, if I was missing recording data I would be straight on to Jon Burlingame or Nick Redman for some help. And I would get that help, too. A shame that so many of the independents in the US don't seem to want to look in this direction when the situation is reversed.

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