Lyrics – By The Way

Fancy running into you
I knew you by your smile
I didn’t know you were around
Everybody’s missed you
You’ve been gone for quite a while
It’s nice to see you back in town

By the way, there’s lots to tell
I bought a car, the folks are well
By the way, all the gang still remember you
And that clock in the square still says ten to two
By the way, why don’t you call?
Don’t get around much now at all
I can’t forget the crazy things we used to do
By the way I still miss you

By the way, I got my raise
And Miss Peggy Lee is my latest craze
By the way, yesterday was the flower show
And it rained heavens hard and we lost all our dough

By the way I’m on the phone
Give me a call if you’re alone
And now I have to go but just before I do
By the way, I still love you