February 01, 2010

Isle of Wight Radio’s JOHN HANNAM MEETS with 2-hour MATT MONRO SPECIAL

This Sunday – FEBRUARY 7 – John is presenting a 2-hour MATT MONRO SPECIAL on the actual day of the 25th anniversary of his death, 2 – 4pm.

It’s a celebration of his life and will feature his widow Mickie, daughter Michele and son Matt Junior plus hit songwriter Don Black and Matt’s original musical director Colin Keyes.

A Hannam archive features part of an interview recorded with Matt Monro at Sandown Pavilion in the early 80s.

Many of Matt’s most popular recordings will be played.

This programme can be heard all along the South Coast on 107FM and all over Britain via www.iwradio.co.uk

John Hannam also has his own website on www.johnhannam.com

February 18, 2010

Save Abbey Road Studios from property developers!

Save Abbey Road Studios from property developers is a group for those that believe it would be tragic to allow Abbey Road Studios to be bought by property developers.

On their Facebook site they say: “Join us in finding a way to save the historic Abbey Road Studios from being sold to property developers.We want to keep the studios operating as a recording facility for future generations.