At the Broadway Club, Failsworth GT Manchester


In the early seventies I worked as a lighting assistant at the Broadway Club, Failsworth GT Manchester. I was sent to prompt him onto the stage as he was headlighning the show.

Never having met him before but knowing of his reputation I was quite nervous after all this man was at that time a big star. He immediently made me welcome and invited me in to meet his wife who was accompanying him on this trip.

He showed me that not only was he a man with a sense of humour but was also very human as well. After a short conversation posssibly no more than a couple of minutes although it felt longer he kindly signed a photo of himself for my mother which she still has, He also told me that during his tour he was doing a spot with Bernard Manning on a tv special.

I told him that Bernard was not my cup of tea and then tongue in cheek he said to me had i ever considered that in wasn’t Bernards favourite person as well.

The warmth of this man and the fact that he treated me as someone special despite the fact that i was only a stage hand stayed with me through my life.

duncan mcvee