I would recognise that wonderful voice anywhere


I have been a dedicated Terry Parson fan since 1951/2 when I was in Kowloon with the R.A.F.at the same time Terry was in the Army there. He had his own radio show we listened to over Hong Kong Rediffusion. He also gave concerts for the Forces at the Kowloon Y.M.C.A. on some Saturday evenings a real treat for us. On these nights he was accompanied by a Jewish Gentleman on the piano who was also Compere, Comedian and Musical arranger. I remember one evening he had arranged for Terry to sing Pagliachi, a tender rendering of the classic.

Years later my wife and I were listening to The Winifred Atwell show when she introduced Matt Monro, the singing Bus driver. The name meant nothing to me so I wasn’t paying much attention. However, as soon as he started singing I turned to the wife and said “thats Terry Parsons.” I would recognise that wonderful voice anywhere.

One song Terry used to sing out in Hong Kong which was very popular the words of which were “You are too beautiful for one man alone and I am a fool for beauty”. It would appear from his extensive list of recordings that he never used that song. I was shattered when he left us so young but he left us a legacy of wonderful songs on record so he will always be with us in spirit.

Tony Smith.