A kind and gentlemanly person


Matt and I first met in the Philippines in early 1965. He was performing at Clark Air Base, and then going to sing in Manila. I sat stage side and asked him to sign “For Mama”, as my mother had died when I was only 8 years old. I think Sid Feller was his conductor, and Matt sung the song. Years later, when he was opening for Don Rickles in Atlantic City, I was able to get back stage and get to see him in his dressing room as he was “cooling down” with a towel. I believe his wife, Mickey and his manager were attending him. I ask to see him and remind him of his kind act and how he kidded that the reason he was chosen to sing “From Russia with Love” was because of his uncanny resemblance to Sean Connery, which said “tongue in cheek” to a big laugh.

It wasn’t long after I saw him in Atlantic City that I read that Matt was sick, and made me sad. He was such a kind and gentlemanly person.

I am still singing his songs when I entertain, and tell those I sing to, that Matt Monro was the only other singer who had a natural beauty that was as good as Sinatra, at Sinatra’s best. People still love “My Kind of Girl” and “You’ve got Possibilities”.

Finally while looking through UTube this past month, I was lucky to trip on the 8 part special on Matt’s life. It made him alive again to me.

Always a Matt Monro Man,

Vic Albetta
New Jersey