Matt At The Movies

Friday 28th July 2006:

24 July was the release date of “Matt At The Movies”, a DVD & CD combination containing:

matt_moviesSatan’s Harvest: Cutter Murdock (George Montgomery) inherits a farm estate in South Africa on which ‘Satan’s Harvest’ (cannabis and marijuana) is being grown. Along with Marla (Tippi Hedren) and Bates (Matt Monro), Cutter tries to force the drug dealers off his land….

Go Go With Monro: Shot in glorious colour and on location in London and Italy, this 1966 feature was originally made as a support feature for the cinemas.

Unseen for forty years, this half hour music show is a must for all music lovers, with Matt performing at the pinnacle of his career

Tracks include:
1. Music Can’t Be Wrong
2. Bill Bailey
3. Come Sta
4. Bridge of Sighs
5. A Lot of Living
6. Three Coins in the Fountain
7. One More for the Road
8. Get Happy (with Roy Castle)
9. Teach Me Tonight (with Marion Montgomery).