My husband’s Uncle was in the army with Matt


I was delighted to get a reply from someone who gave me this link to Matt Monro. My husband’s Uncle was in the army with Matt M or Terry Parsons as he was known back then. They were in Hong Kong together, and used to win lots of singing competitions (for cigarettes etc).

Uncle Bob Sparkes (known as Neddy Sparkes) was a good friend of Matt’s and they spent a lot of time together. We saw a doc on the TV a year or two ago, but couldn’t get in touch with Neddy to let him know about it, but now I and my husband can watch it on U Tube, which is wonderful.

Matt M came to Norfolk many years ago, and called on My husband’s Grandmother but she was not too friendly to him. She thought that he might encourage her son to embark on a showbiz career which to her mind was not a safe route. When Neddy found out about this he was very cross indeed, of course. Granny had no idea who Matt Monro was or would become!

What a good job Matt Monro went into show business as he became a world class singer. Neddy is getting on now, 82, and lives in Notts and hasn’t been too well, but he still sings in the Karaoke at his local, and wins !

Yours sincerely

Mrs Jo Sparkes.