Pop Gear with Matt Monro

Saturday, 30th June 2007:

Update to the airing schedule for the 1965 feature, “Pop Gear.” The Flix cable channel will air it on the following dates:

Showtime Next:
July 8- 1:15 PM EDT
July 16- 7:30 AM EDT

Showtime Family Zone–
June 30 2:15 PM EDT and #:15 AM EDT
Showtime Next– July 4 11:30 AM EDT

The Showtime Cable network homepage is the source for any further updates.

Monday, 2nd April 2007:

Matt’s American fans may be pleased to know that the American cable network, Showtime and two affiliate channels will air Pop Gear within the next few weeks.

Matt performs Walk Away, For Mama, and the closing theme song. I’ve wondered if the lady with him in the video for Walk Away was his wife, Mickey. But, in the meantime, the film should be a marvelous nostalgia trip for those who remember 1964.

–D. Earle