We were welcomed in by his lovely wife Micky


Sir, in the very early eighties, myself and a lady friend were visiting Jersey (channel Islands). Matt was appearing at the ‘Watersplash’ venue, and of course being a great fan of Matt, we attended one evening. It was of course a great show and Matt as usual was very ‘one to one’ with his audience. I asked him if he would perform, ‘If I never sing another song’, which he did.

We didnt know whether or not it was in his repetoire for that evening, but he sang as though he was singing just to us. In the show that evening was also an irish comedian, we had seen before, but very funny indeed. We were talking to him after the show at the bar, and said how much we had enjoyed him but also our great favourite Matt Monro.

We were so surprised when he said would you like to go to his dressing room and meet him, we jumped at the chance. We were welcomed in by his lovely wife Micky, and she introduced Matt to us. We thanked him for singing one of our favourites, and spoke to him for a few moments, in which time he autographed our programme. It was a wonderful experience never to be forgotten!!!!

Thank you Micky, heres to the memory of the greatest singers of modern day, and a gentleman, and so down to earth guy, may his recordings and video’s never be forgotten.

Mr C T Griffiths