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Expanded Peggy Sue Got Married on CD

Monday, 08 December 2014 15:24 Written by

Expanded Peggy Sue Got Married: The Deluxe Edition

Varese Sarabande have released an expanded Peggy Sue Got Married: The Deluxe Edition.

SKU: VCL-1152
UPC: VCL11141152
Artist: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Title: Peggy Sue Got Married: The Deluxe Edition
Composer: John Barry
Release Date: 12/01/14
Release Info: Limited Edition of 2000 copies

Track List:
1. Peggy Sue Got Married
Performed by Buddy Holly (1:51)
2. Blood Drive 1960 (2:48)
3. Peggy Sue’s Homecoming (3:27)
4. Sleep, Baby (1:00)
5. The Silent Treatment (:52)
6. Time Is Like A Burrito (3:01)
7. Grandmother Calls (1:36)
8. Date With Charlie (1:32)
9. Peggy Sue With Michael (5:03)
10. Did We Break Up [Extended Version] (4:21)
11. Charlie’s Unplayed Guitar (2:38)
12. Peggy Sue Visits Grandparents (5:14)
13. The Ritual (2:10)
14. Charlie’s Proposal (3:40)
15. Charlie, I Had The Strangest Experience (6:27)

Source Cues:
16. I Wonder Why
Performed by Dion & The Belmonts (2:26)
17. He Don’t Love You
Performed by Nicolas Cage with Pride & Joy (3:19)
18. A Teenager In Love
Performed by Dion & The Belmonts (2:43)
19. You Belong To Me
Performed by The Marshall Crenshaw Band (2:38)
20. Dance Of The Polovtsian Maidens
Composed by Alexander Borodin (2:01)

Alternate Tracks:
21. Sleep, Baby [Alternate] (:52)
22. Peggy Sue With Michael [Alternate] (5:23)
23. Unused Fanfare (:20)

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The Betsy re-recording on CD

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 15:22 Written by

The World Premiere Recording of the Complete Score to THE BETSY

The World Premiere Recording of the Complete Score to THE BETSY Composed by JOHN BARRY A Special Collectors Edition featuring one of the finest Film Scores from the Composer of OUT OF AFRICA * THE LION IN WINTER * MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS * ZULU * BORN FREE * GOLDFINGER * YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE and DANCES WITH WOLVES

The Complete Dramatic Score from the 1978 film set in Africa starring LAURENCE OLIVIER, ROBERT DUVALL, KATHERINE ROSS, TOMMY LEE JONES, JANE ALEXANDER and LESLEY ANNE DOWN Newly Recorded in Stunning and Dynamic Digital Sound Performed by the Acclaimed and Award-Winning 75-piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Conducted by Nic Raine Produced by James Fitzpatrick for Prometheus Records New Score & Orchestration Reconstructed by Nic Raine ….who was principal orchestrator to John Barry on numerous films and albums Informative Sleeve Notes by Frank K. DeWald One of John Barry’s most romantic and heartfelt scores

After recording Mister Moses, an early score from John Barry, in the same series of sessions we tackled a more mature offering from the composer, The Betsy. This is very much Barry in his more subdued and romantic mode … although there are a few touches of his “Bond” style in the more violent passages. Romance is certainly to the fore in his beautiful main theme – a waltz which, in its many variations and repetitions, displays Barry’s elegance, sophistication and assured dramatic instinct. But it is the subtle scoring of scenes of incest and sexual intent that shows the composer at his most sensitive – especially the tortured solos for violin and cello, played here with so much feeling by Lucie Svehlova and Marek Elznic. After the rhythmic intensity of the earlier score it was quite a leap for the musicians to be expressive while also displaying the great restraint the music demanded.

Recording Produced by James Fitzpatrick for Prometheus Records
Executive Producer: Luc Van de Ven


    The Betsy Main Title 2:32 Crash / To the Mansion 2:19 He and She / Call it Betsy / It’s the Car 5:17 Multi Image 1:27 Angelo’s Theme 3:01 Win One / You Always Know 3:17 Bobby Visits / Back on Payroll 2:47 Grandfather / It’s All in the Family / Working on Betsy 5:22 What Took You So Long? / A Toast 4:05 Blackmail / What Happened? / Loren’s Suicide 4:03 In Bed 2:32 Angelo Beaten / Warren’s Murder 3:02 What Took You So Long? 1:03 Samson Gets It / Angelo Takes Over 3:29 The Betsy End Credits 2:12

TT: 46:53

Catalogue Number: XPCD 177
Release Date: NOVEMBER 25th, 2014             

Mister Moses CD

Sunday, 21 September 2014 15:21 Written by

World Premiere Recording of the Complete Score to MISTER MOSES
Added Septenber 21, 2014
James FitzPatrick has produced a new recording on CD of the Complete Score to MISTER MOSES.
Album produced by James Fitzpatrick for Prometheus Records. Executive Producer: Luc Van de Ven. New Score & Orchestration Reconstructed by Nic Raine who also coducted the 75-piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Sleeve Notes by Frank K. DeWald. The score is in the same style and colour as ZULU and BORN FREE with its use of symphonic orchestra and ethnic precussion.

Track listing:
1. “Mister Moses” Main Title 1:37
2. Moses Evicted / Moses Saved 3:54
3. Muscle Tonic / Hidden Diamonds 1:16
4. The Elephant 3:14
5. Bell Ringing / After the Show 2:26
6. Morning / The Patrol 2:09
7. We’re Off / The Dam 4:37
8. Crossing the Dam / 80 Miles of Desert 2:32
9. Night Visitor 3:24
10. Falling Behind / Sneaking Off / The Kiss 2:42
11. Ubi Burns 3:05
12. Farewells 2:18
13. “Mister Moses” Concert Suite 7:58

TT: 41:17

Catalogue Number: XPCD 176
Release Date: SEPTEMBER 23rd 2014
Order from Tadlow website

Pinewood Studios Screening theatre renamed John Barry Theatre

Screening theatre no. 7 at Pinewood Studios has been renamed The John Barry Theatre in memory of John, who scored many films produced there.

We understand a private unveiling ceremony took place on Friday 20th June, attended by Laurie & Jonpatrick Barry. Others in attendance included Bond producers Michael G. Wilson & Barbara Broccoli, and John Glen, who directed three of the Bond films scored by John.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - The Music of James Bond
Friday 11 July 2014, 19:30

Gareth Hudson (Conductor), Mary Carewe and Peter Corry (Vocalists)
This programme will feature favourite songs and exiting incidental music from some 20 Bond films. Such crowd-pleasers will include Goldfinger, Thunderball, Skyfall, A View to a Kill, From Russia With Love, For Your Eyes Only, Live and Let Die, GoldenEye, Diamonds are Forever, License to Kill, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and more...    

Billy in Halifax, 17th to 21st June

Saturday, 24 May 2014 15:12 Written by

Billy in Halifax, 17th to 21st June

The Halifax Light Opera Society will be presenting Billy at The Halifax Playhouse from 17th to 21st June. More...

The cast is:

Billy Fisher Richard Whyte Stamp Ned Smith
Alice Fisher Cathryn Riley Arthur Richard Armstrong
Geoffery Fisher Steve Tetlow Mrs Crabtree Carole Greenwood
Gran Marilyn Mitchell Young Man Nathan Hall
Rita Adele Hill Bandleader Tony Speight
Liz Louise Whyte    
Shadrack Roy Greenwood    
Duxbury Stephen Jamieson

Producer/director: Neil Hurst
Musical Director: Rachel Pegg
Stage Manager/Choreographer: Rachel Rogers
Technical Assistant: Martin Welsh

The Deep re-releases on CD

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 15:08 Written by

The Deep re-releases on CD by Hot Shot/Big Break Records

Hot Shot/Big Break Records
are scheduled to release the John Barry/Donna Summer album, The Deep, on 10th February. Originally released in 1977, Barry & Summer received a Golden Globe nomination for their song, "Down, Deep Inside", which soared to no. 5 in the UK charts, winning a Silver Disc for sales volume.

Mastered from the original album tapes, the CD includes two bonus tracks, which could make it an essential purchase for Barry & Summer fans alike:

The White House Years - John Barry -- previously only available as the flip-side of Barry's instrumental single of "The Deep", released in the US.

Theme from The Deep (Down, Deep Inside) (12" Disco version) - Donna Summer.

The CD comes with a 16-page booklet which contains much of the original LP artwork and highly detailed notes by writer and music journalist Christian John Wilkane. He examines the history of Casablanca Records & Filmworks, the making of The Deep and the involvement of Barry & Summer in the project.

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