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Full size image You Only Live Twice recording

Friday, 10 April 2015 13:32

John Barry conducting the orchestra for You Only Live twice

Click on photo again to see it in browser outside this page - then it's full size (depending on your browser settings.)

From the back (horns etc.) going down to the front, from left to right:

3 (horn) 4 (horn) 5 (horn) 6 (horn)
Jim Burditt Andrew McGavin Ian Harper John Burden
7 (flute) 8 (flute) 9 (flute) 10 (flute)
? Chris Taylor   Jack Ellery David Sandeman
11 12 (?) 13 (oboe) 14 (bassoon)
Derek Wickens Terence MacDonagh Ron Waller Tony Judd

In the strings section on the right-hand side of the photo:

Front row:

1    2    3    4    5
Sid Sax
(orchestra leader)
Paul Shurman Alec Firman Erich Gruenberg Henry Datyner

Others also present, but not identified individually are:

Billy Miller
Peter Halling
Leonard Dight
Raymond Cohen
Joshua Glazier
Louie Rosen
David Belmann
John Ronayne

The bass player by the bottom right corner of the film screen is the principal bassist with the RPO, Edmund (Nick) Chesterman.

Clarinetist Jack Brymer can be seen sitting on his own on the left-hand-side; a SMOKING fixer Sid Margo can be seen next to JB.
Ron Prentice is the bass guitarist in the booth and we think mandolin player Hugo Dalton is next to him.

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The Bridgewater Hall - Music of John Barry November 2018

The Music of John Barry

Saturday 10 November 7.30pm
The Bridgewater Hall
Lower Mosley Street
Manchester, M2 3WS


Nicholas Dodd conductor
Andrew Collins presenter
Manchester Camerata

John Barry created some of the most memorable and recognisable film scores of the 20th century, such as Midnight Cowboy, Out of Africa, Dances with Wolves, Zulu and of course much of the music from the James Bond series; his versatility and originality were peerless. His death in 2011 deprived cinema of a true musical great. This concert pays tribute to his life and music with a carefully selected programme, conducted by Nicholas Dodd, who collaborated closely with the composer on his later films. Nicholas Dodd is regarded as one of the leading conductors and orchestrators of Hollywood film music and is a noted expert on, and performer of John Barry’s music. In fact, every James Bond movie from the last 10 years bears his signature.