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With the never-ending practises of people ripping you off selling boots of John Barry material for high prices, we are trying to warn you against them here, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

About bootlegging: why did I bother spending £15000 on getting Robin & Marian re-recorded when I could have created a perfect bootleg from various sources and sold it over and over again on ebay at a fraction of the cost and huge profits? Think about this before you buy.


Februay 2017

"Cotton Club Blu-Ray: rip off - avoid like the plague. The cover art is sub-Pirate quality. Visually it looks like a slightly upscaled DVD. The audio options are Spanish, Spanish with Spanish subtitles or English with Spanish subtitles you can’t switch off. Very annoyed"  --  Crispin.


January 2016

YOLT & OHMSS "special edition", etc. CDs on eBay UK and all the extra music. They appear to be Spanish un-official releases. THESE ARE BOOTLEGS. AVOID!

Elite Soundtracks sell unofficial product and should be avoided. Complete exploitation of John's work and your money.

A dissatisfied custumor: " OHMSS: tracks reorganised into the order they appear in the movie BUT there are no new cues. I have learned a lesson so that's why my advice is so.


September 2015 You only live twice - complete score - speciel edition - on e-bay for some time - My Foot!
Arne Dupont
And here



June 18, 2013

From Russia With Love from the same people who booted Dr. No? Don't say we didn't warn you.

Buyers: "the cover should have raised warning bells with me but the 'expanded score' tag pulled me in.... never again Harkit!! " And "not worth spending your money on I can promise you ..." In fact, it's a right fraud: "

"...made the mistake of ordering it as it promised an expanded score. In reality all you get is the original soundtrack score as already issued but with a few tracks thrown in on the end of it which are supposedly 'alternate' tracks but are just cover versions of the main theme and the 007 theme taken from other albums. "



April 8, 2013

If you see a copy of a CD or 2CD of the Memorial Concert, this is a BOOT from someone trying to make a quick buck (and quite a lot for a quick copy!!) Don't be fooled. It's just the BBC Radio 2 programme.



October 25 , 2012

About that certain Dr. No "public domain" release. Weeeeell, here's a buyer who now regrets it:

A post at FSM said the following about this release:

Well...I got the cd through the door today and gave it a quick spin. I was warned here wasn't I! I should have listened!.... Its pretty awful. The extra tracks seem to be taken from the film and I'm not sure if its even the music /effects track. It sounds like they've just recorded it with the film playing. Its not even a good listen as the short extra bits are sitting with multiple versions of the stuff we've heard anyway. I think the original release is a much better listen if these are the only tracks we'll ever hear. One wee thing as well......that cover!! Is there actually someone from Harkit's Art Department that got money to design that image? I'm not usually one to comment o just packaging but this just looks shoddy all round.Guess I wasn't expecting much word...avoid!I feel dirty now.



December 11 , 2010

Jagged Edge / The Deep / Peggy Sue Got Married promo? LOL!. Some people can be really funny when selling a very obvious boot.

There's one on *bay. Read the seller's complete blurb for even more amusement! Though we won't link to it of course:

<QUOTE> CD originally bought around 2003-2004 from the now defunct soundtrack specialist Movie Boulevard, located in Leeds, England. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A BOOTLEG CD. IT IS A PROMO. I bought this perfectly legally and there is even a barcode on the rear cover of the CD." </QUOTE>

No it's not perfectly legal. And it *is* a boot of course. Silly!



November 2 , 2010

H*rkit Records. Here are a few comments: "The Wrong Box... I "brightened" my CD using Goldwave and discovered a rather botchy job of working around a clicky-pop LP. When there was too much static (noise) in a particular channel the "engineers" just moved the pan pot away from it! The Main Title has the pan mostly to the far right and when you brighten the mix you hear the needle encountering surface scratches!!"

"I too bought Bedazzled on Harkitt and the actual LP is quite superior in sound quality. Methinks I could do a better job of transfer than the lads at Harkitt.  Which leads me to wondering who they got to do the job. It just takes a bit of care and a good ear.  You have to constantly A/B compare to see you don't go too far afield. Sigh.... "



July 5 , 2010

Follow me. H*rkit Records. They are at it again, announcing in their July newsletter that they are almost ready to release a new special edition in 12" heavy vinyl. Made from what master? The original LP!! Best not follow them.

And what if we said that someone else now has doubts about releasing Follow Me on CD from the original tapes because of what H*rkit does?

Stupid stuff about putting out vinyl versions of their back-catalogue - who's going to be bothered about that kind of nonsense?

They are just a bunch of money-grabbing chumps - they're not really interested in "saving" lost scores at all.



June 21 , 2010

Here's another new combination bootleg. BARRY, JOHN / THE TAMARIND SEED & NIGHT GAMES. Beware!



May 27 , 2010

"Promo" A View To A Kill on ebay. This must be a "homemade" CD with some source from a DVD. Seller will not answer where the music comes from or who has made the CD. So don't be fooled! There are no Bond-promos!



April 22 , 2009

Boom, The Dove, Follow Me, The Wrong Box. H*rkit have issued these LP transfers. They do not appear to have licenced them or be paying John Barry any royalties. Therefore these released are iincluded in our boot section.



March 31 , 2009

Frances / Indecent Proposal. A John Barry album stated as a Double Score European release / Original factory pressed CD!? No, a bootleg! Please avoid.



August 5 , 2008

US $349.99 for an illegal CDR of Follow Me? Someone is laughing all the way to the bank.



July 6 , 2008

Maybe we should not mention the separate items, but simply the seller on the *b*y website: f*lmm*sicb*tm*n sells boots. Stay clear!
THE DEEP John Barry Original Motion Picture Sdtrk CD
is another bootleg example.



July 6 , 2008

FOLLOW ME + WALKAWAY (sic) John Barry Original MPST CD. Don't be fooled!This too is another bootleg! Taken from the Follow Me Japanese pressing no doubt and the P00 bootleg LP of Walkabout Do not buy!! In fact, never buy anthing from so called "JB Records Limited Promotional edition" You will be ripped off. "Limited Promotional edition" is shere nonsense. Do not be fooled either about the so-called "Please take a look to my one and only negative feedback on the last or before last page! Thanks" Seller also has



May 18 , 2008

"FOLLOW ME" soundtrack CD " - - music composed by JOHN BARRY private pressing of John Barry Fan Club" THERE IS NO JOHN BARRY FAN CLUB!!!! You will be ripped off by hundreds and hundreds of dollars!! Don't be fooled! This too is another bootleg! This is a crime!! Taken from LP!! Do not buy!!



November 20 , 2007

It has been a while. But this does not mean that the bootleggers have become inactive. Robin and Marian Cd John Barry Promo SOLD-OUT at a familiar website, "promo sold out" Robin and Marian...this is just a CDR !!!Don't be fooled!



August 14 , 2007

James-Bond-MOONRAKER-Expanded-Promo-CD-Score. A "non-pressed, non-commercially released promotional CD"... "mixing and sequencing on this CD features the music as heard in the film" Not surprising as it's almost certainly ripped from the DVD complete with the sound effects. Needless to say: ignore!



June 7, 2007

Another Barry music boot has shown up on our favourite online auction site. Legend Of The one Ranger CD with the Game Of Death/Night Games boot thrown in as a bonus and more "goodies". Reader, there is no LOTLR CD. Period! This is a boot. Avoid.



February 11, 2007

The Dove. "Issued by Artemis". Another boot on *b*y! Beware.



January 8, 2007

BOOM! Indeed. On *b*y. But this is a boot. No matter what they say. "... released briefly in a very limited edition in the late 1990's". Don't be fooled!



December 18, 2006

John Barry - A VIEW TO A KILL - Expanded Score CD BOND on ebay. No matter what they say, of course this is a bootleg. AVTAK was never ever officially released as an expanded score! So go ahead and support criminal activity!



September 22, 2006

Avoid!: "Original Motion Picture Score by John Barry - Mary, Queen Of Scots ( 26 Tracks) + - The Cotton Club ( 4 Tracks) + Bonus Track: - King Kong 2006 Queen Productions." Another ebay boot! " 1 available" My *ss. Since this is a boot, these people can copy as many as they like! And over-charge you as well!



June 20, 2006

Two boots on ebay to be avoided like the proverbial plague: "Mary, Queen Of Scots" (Score-CD by John Barry) and Out Of Africa - Score by John Barry. Sold by Hurricane Records. Do not fall into this trap, you will be buying inferior material for which no royalties are paid. Criminal organisation. By the looks of other covers, this is a very fishy business to say the least.



April 5, 2006

The Black Hole / Howard The Duck

A new submission to our page: "Now it's getting completely strange! How about counterfeiters counterfeiting each other? We all probably know the illegal edition by Mask / Italy of these two haunting scores. But now the infamous bootleggers from Berlin, who already have Frances/Indecent Proposal and Accidental Tourist/Stanley & Iris in their program recently released this one. The joke is that they label it as a Mask release and they even adopted their label number. The only difference is, that this time it's a pressed CD. Very strange camouflage tactics. But still as illegal as could be.

But there are good news too. The german GEMA finally seems to have decided to take action against these people. Lets hope they'll be successful!



February 6, 2006

Sometimes it looks as if we advertise for these booters. By mentioning their "releases". But we do not. Here is another one. You really want to bid? Anyone could knock this together for a tenner!

"John Barry - OST CD - ODDS & ENDS - Various Films CD." Does not exist and never has existed in the first place. "Unsealed, never been played. Haha!! Of course it's never been played. It never existed in the first place. Jewel case, insert and CD in very good to excellent condition. Home made no doubt, thse bootlegers won't spend too much, they just want to get rich quick over your backs! Guaranteed. Oh yes? Against what? Limited pressing promo cd. This is a flagrant lie - there is no promo!!! From private collection. Another lie!! JOHN BARRY -"ODDS & ENDS" CD featuring music from "Mike's Murder", "Svengali", "The Gathering", "The White Buffalo", "Willa", "The Corn Is Green", "The Betsey" and "Hanover Street". Limited promotional pressing of this cd only. Crap!You see a pattern? They are always "limited"Well, let's not advertise the rest. Suffice to say, any true Barry fan could put a CDR together for you for a tenner.



February 1, 2006

There is an Out Of Africa, "import" and so-called 20th anniversary edition, which contains original tracks and "perhaps" also rerecordings. 33 tracks;playing time of 81:32.

This is nothing more than the original MCA album with the Varese recording combined. If you buy this, you support criminals.

Sorry, the seller is no better than the creator in my opinion. He or she knows full well they are selling a bootleg. Without these "distributors" the bootlegger would get nowhere.



January 28, 2006

"Limited import cd release on the KGB-CD 19742323 label of the Barry score to THE TAMARIND SEED (16 cues) plus 6 cues from NIGHT GAMES (about 40 mins) plus bonus cues from THE CORN IS GREEN & LOVE AMONG THE RUINS. Manufactured disc. Super sound & production values. This eBay seller ID is ranspa60ii."

So, if you buy in auction, this guy rips you off. There is NO limited import CD of this kind. These people put them together themselves. And if they can do that, they can sell these items to anyone. And if they can sell to anyone, why auction them? It's not like it's an original Aston Martin DB5, is it? This is criminal activity.



December 21, 2005

Frances / Indecent Proposal from "numusi" Power Seller? No, a criminal activity .

And here is another interesting coupling of beautiful and sought-after scores. It sure is as illegal as all the other soundtracks offered on ebay by this seller: The Tamarind Seed, The Deep / Jagged Edge, Body Heat and Out Of Africa.

I'm deeply sorry for all the composers, who get ripped off in this manner. And it's also a shame for all the music lovers who get tricked and betrayed by these bootleggers.



December 14, 2005 The Deep / Jagged Edge Orig Scores by John Barry

" Sad to say, but there's another german eBay-shop - a power seller! - which also comes from Berlin and who only deals with bootlegs - huge piles of them.

And of course a lot of stuff by John Barry again. It's a commercial dealer who uses the pseudonym "numusi". And as one can clearly see, each and every soundtrack on offer is a counterfeit product.

Why the hell is eBay doing nothing against this? Until then beware of these f****** frauds !!



November 14, 2005

From one of our German visitors: Barry-John, Body-Head-Score

It's once again Hurricane Records from Berlin, who are offering this "20th Anniversary Expanded Edition" with 31 tracks. And they are not only offering one item, but 25!

Although they are a regular store with a broad bandwidth, EACH and EVERY soundtrack Hurricane Records from Berlin are offering on eBay, is a bootleg - no matter which film or which composer.

Being curious about that, I contacted the piracy department at the GEMA in Munich. They were telling me that they are well aware of Hurricane but can do nothing against them, because they cannot prove, that these CDs are bootlegs. They would need an official release - which obviously doesn't exist in most cases - to have a proof that one of them is illegally manufactured. This is more than strange and until then, Hurricane will continue to sell bootlegs en gros.

What's perhaps even more annoying is the fact, that eBay itself does not intend to do take action, because their policy considers pressed CDs as generally legal. They only act against CD-Rs and sometimes against Promos.

So anyone beware of "hurricanerecordsde"!



November 6, 2005

And even more *rare* boots... Rare? The show up more often than the orginal LPs and CDs that all these CDs are copied from. Do you want to buy in a AUCTION when people can copy this BOOTS in as many copies as they like?

Mary Queen of Scots soundtrack by John Barry: new The tamarind seed John Barry rare promo cd soundtrack DEEP / JAGGED EDGE CD SOUNDTRACK - John Barry MARY,QUEEN SCOTS/Anne Of The Thousand Days-JOHN BARRY

To clarify for you: there is NO "The Deep" CD! Only a boot. There is a Jagged Edge CD which is very rare. So, ebay sellers copy that and sell it in an auction. Why? To rip you off! Next wek they have new copies.

There is NO "Mary Queen Of Scots" CD. And the combination with Anne Of The Thousand Days is also a boot.



November 6, 2005

A boot still being repeatedly sold at online auction (get the point here?): 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack into 1 CD LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER + GAME OF DEATH Music composed and conducted by JOHN BARRY RARE and LIMITED IMPORT Release CD Even though it is claimed: This is a REAL-PRESSED CD No CD-R !! CD is LIKE NEW.This is NOT a legitimate release. It's a criminal offence. And if it is rare, why does it show up time and again. You are being ripped!



November 2, 2005

Out Of Africa. "Oscar winning score by John Barry! This 20th Anniversary Edition includes over 81 mins of music. Pressed CD. [ GOODBYE MUSIC LTD. ]" one more bootleg!!!

"Don't buy that crap. It's another awful bootleg made in Germany, from the same people who bootlegged Frances, The Deep and recently Game of Death. Probably contains tracks from original recording and Joel McNeely's re-recording. These people are shameless."



September 19, 2005

The problem with exposing boots of course is that we may need to give the source of where they are on sale. A Howard The (lame) Duck boot again. DO NOT BID if you come across it. Seller claims: "This is a brand new import from Europe and it's in brand new, mint condition. Its is not sealed, because Euro cds are never sealed due to environment laws." This seller needs to be tarred and feathered. Of course it's not sealed. It's a boot. Avoid. Our contact tells us: "There is no such company in West Germany called Black Rose records. This website "" is plagued with open copying cd-r and dvd-r sales."

Walkabout is copied from a bootleg LP!!! I don't understand why some people think "pressed" means something is OK.



September 19, 2005

Follow Me and Walkabout on one CD!??? Well, well, well. "Viel Spass beim Bieten". "Have fun bidding." Yes, seller's fun! This is a boot!! Not a one-of-a-kind item. There is no such thing as a Follow Me/Walkabout CD. The Walkabout cover shown here is from the "Walkabout" P00 boot LP. We understand 'Ebayseller 'ognikatze' is infamous of this sort of auction.' Oh, and buyer is responsible for everything! "Factory sealed" even!! Well folks, this CD(R) never saw a factory, so cannot have been sealed there. Our warning: beware another boot!



September 15, 2005

HIGH ROAD TO CHINA Expanded Score CD John Barry RARE! Super Tracks Music

Sorry, this is a genuine item, not a boot. Apologies to all involved. i even have this CD myself. Sorry.



September 15, 2005

Someone selling the Mask King Kong CD. Yeah, sure! Don't forget there is a legitimate release on CD out now. Check and our news page.



September 15, 2005

"THE DEEP & BORN FREE music composed and conducted by John Barry This out of print CD ..." [it was never *in* print in the first place!] "presents for the first time THE DEEP and also includes in bonus BORN FREE !" [crap!] This rare CD is a jewel for any Barry's fans ! [No, it's a rip off] The CD and artworks are mint. Not a CDr ! Maybe not, but it IS a boot! Beware!



September 15, 2005

Limited import cd release on the KGB-CD 19742323 label of the Barry score to THE TAMARIND SEED (16 cues) plus 6 cues from NIGHT GAMES (about 40 mins) plus bonus cues from THE CORN IS GREEN & LOVE AMONG THE RUINS. Manufactured disc.

Limited Import It always works, doesn't it? Well, I can put them together too and say it's limited. But it's still a boot!! So why bid at an auction. These people can make any number of copies, so why not sell for a tenner each?



September 15, 2005

Howard The Duck, sold at auction online stating: "with digital crisp sound, if you already have the vinyl version the CD will blow you away." Oh yeah? But the only possible source can be the LP. "All the material has been digitally remastered," from what?



September 7, 2005

A boot still being repeatedly sold at online auction: 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack into 1 CD LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER + GAME OF DEATH Music composed and conducted by JOHN BARRY RARE and LIMITED IMPORT Release CD Even though it is claimed: This is a REAL-PRESSED CD No CD-R !! CD is LIKE NEW.This is NOT a legitimate release. It's a criminal offence



September 5, 2005

There appears to be a release of Mary, Queen of Scots on a label called Extra Mile Productions? Boot! Avoid like the plague!



August 11, 2005

A boot of Follow Me on ebay. For, don't laugh, 999 US Dollars. Yes, Buy Now for that price. Oh dear, tears in our eyes. "... as the private pressing of John Barry Fan Club, in very limited quantities. The sound quality is excellent enough as of late 1980s release, free from crackle noises, it is apparently not the LP transfer, the original master tape transfer."

Oh yes. Well, for one, there was no John Barry fan club, unless Robert and Richard released this one which they did not as they would have told us late 80s. And we are not called The John Barry fan club either. Avoid like the plague!



May 4, 2005

The Platinum Disc Corp people who ruined that first Alice's Adventures release appear to have given the same treatment to Svengali. It will be cheap but extreme caution is advised. We cannot guarantee that this is a legitimate. Region 1.



April 6, 2005

One of these so called "promotional" CDs. Of The Last Valley on ebay. "limited European edition, no catalogue number". Oh come on! Anyone can burn a copy like this on his PC. Don't bid or buy it, folks. You will be ripped off by criminals as usual. Content is the original LP.



March 28, 2005

Another scam on ebay. A bootleg CD for The Legend Of The Lone Ranger. There is no such thing as an official CD of this score. So, can only be from LP. Someone is ripping you off if you bid for an item that can be reproduced over and over again. And making a nice profit from your hard-earned money!

"LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER HARD-TO-FIND JOHN BARRY SOUNDTRACK BRAND NEW - STILL SEALED" Sealed? Sheer nonsense! Anyway, congrats to the buyer for being ripped!



March 19, 2005

Watch out for this guy: Seller: re-animate, ebay; Item location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States.


"Always selling his "personal collection of rare CDs" - usually GOLDEN CHILD and (also on eBay right now) HOWARD THE DUCK. He does NOT deliver them."




March 19, 2005


From popular auction site (Spanish seller) Bootleg Frances. They even number the CDs and print on gold discs. Without doubt bootleg rip off. Wasted my money.



March 17, 2005

The Betsy

The Betsy bootleg mastered from session tapes, ebay. An item that could easily be copied for a few euros/dollars/pounds/yen, whatever; so why auctioning it? Someone needs money for his GTI probably - and you are paying for it - boy will these people be laughing at you!



January 26, 2005

Every soundtrack CD seller finalscoremz currently has on offer is a bootleg. He labels them 'private issues' but they are just LPs copied onto CDR with artwork added. Nothing more than bootlegs:

As far as John Barry is concerned these are transfers of Wrong Box, Boom, The Dove, Follow Me. Avoid!

Notifications of Infringement have been issued on all current and past items.



January 24, 2005

The Tamarind Seed / Night Games
From the same seller Hurricane CD (german seller)

Genre: OST
Recorded: 2003
30th anniversary edition (this is total crap!) There is NO official CD release of The Tamarind Seed and certainly not coupled with Night Games. This is another boot to avoid!



January 23, 2005

Seller information: finalscoremz

The Wrong Box - John Barry (1966)

This is not an official CD release. What's more, the cover has been altered and does not resemble the LP cover. You are being misled if you bid for this item. There is no such thing as a The Wrong Box CD and therefore this can only be a transfer from LP to CD(R).
Anyone who can produce this CD can make a lot more, so why auctioning it?

The seller has already sold one copy for $100 plus and if you look at the other items he has for sale (which includes Follow Me & Boom!) they are mostly if not all boots.



January 23, 2005 (updated)

Seller: hurricanerecordsde / web.fischer


Barry, John - Deep / Jagged Edge (CD) Deep 77077 Genre: OST Recorded: 1977 Released: 2004 + „Peggy Sue Got Married“

These are by no means official releases.



January 23, 2005

Frances/Indecent Proposal bootleg, from the same Germans who released The Deep, Tamarind Seed and Body Heat.

All these crappy boots are distributed by internet shop:, and E-bay sellers: navorski2004, numusi and web-fischer.

Also beware of seller njo1946. He permanently sells two bootlegs:
- Mary Queen of Scots(Artemis release) item nr. 4069504349
- and The Ipcress File/Billion Dollar Brain nr. 4069304870

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