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With over 300 pages and a foreword by Don Black, this hardcover book includes many rare photographs, both in colour and black & white.

Due to changes in postage costs, because of Covid-19 and Brexit, our book  John Barry - The Man With The Midas Touch is now ONLY available direct from co-author Gareth Bramley at a reduced cost of £14 plus postage (UK post free).

All copies are brand new.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details. Please do not send any monies until you have contacted me and postage terms have been agreed.

Whilst I am able to offer brand new copies of the book post free to UK purchasers I regret that postage costs to other territories have increased considerably in recent months.

  • £14 post free to UK customers
  • £14 + Airmail postage to Europe is now £11.
  • £14 + Airmail postage to USA / Australia / Japan is now £24 (plus a further £1 tracking fee).

  • The alternative option for customers is to have the book sent via Surface Mail which is far cheaper but can take up to 40 days. Buyers should note that 'tracking' is not available under this option so any risk of loss is their responsibility. That said, I've not had a book go astray yet.

Many thanks,

Gareth Bramley.



Reader comments:

"If you haven’t bought a copy, do so."

neotrinity, on FSM board

"Those who bought the first book, but haven't bothered with The Man With The Midas Touch, that the second book is so much more comprehensive, containing such detailed information that I really don't know how the authors came across these facts. Their research is so informative.

"It's a great read of over 300 pages...and the design is much improved."

Hansbudgie, on FSM board

"Having purchased both (though I no longer own the first release), I found the second to be a far better read. Well worth the price of a new CD release!"

MusicMad, on FSM board

"As far as I am concerned, Midas Touch is the definitive history of John Barry. A very enjoyable read which takes a prominent pride of place in the bookcase."

"It's great for turning the conversation round to JB whenever friends pop round and (perhaps) making a few converts to the Barry's musical genius. If you don't already have this book in your collection, then shame on you. Your CD, Vinyl and whatever collection is not complete without it.

Whenever a new Barry CD hits the market, we all scramble to be the first in line to buy it. But that (unfortunately) does not happen every day. So, if you're getting withdrawal symptoms waiting for that new CD, this book is the perfect cure. An excellent investment (remember, there are only a limited number printed) and thoroughly recommended."


A must for: John Barry Fans, Film Music Fans, James Bond Fans ,In fact highly recommended for any Music or Film buff!

Graham Sutton

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Bristol, UK

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