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For a more extensive filmography, complete up to 2008, please purchase a copy of our wonderful book,
"John Barry - The Man with the Midas Touch". It's still available via Amazon or direct from this website.

Filmography 1960s   Filmography 1970s   Filmography 1980s   Filmography 1990-2001


Titles of films John Barry was alleged to be scoring in the past, but that did not happen or scores were replaced.

Brighton Rock

 Brighton Rock, 2004


 The musicals

Expanded Bond CDs

 Expanded Bond scores



Based on the novel by Graham Greene 
Music by John Barry
Lyrics by Don Black and Book by Giles Havergal

The earlier musicals composed by John Barry:
Passion Flower Hotel, Lolita My Love, Billy and The Little Prince and the Aviator

Expanded track listings of the 40th Anniversary Bond scores. Not all albums were expanded.


DVD releases

 DVD releases

Blu-Ray releases

  Blu-Ray releases




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