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Johnny Worth told them to stuff it

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By Johnny Worth (added by Geoff Leonard)
I have an interesting story re John Barry. Adam Faith was doing a film with Jane Wyman and that awful British actor with the comic plummy voice.* The film was called Mix me a Person.

The producer was a a guy called Sergei Nolbandov and he worked for or ran a company called Vic Films.

I had written the title-song, which John had arranged - also an instrumental piece to be used during a car chase called "One double zero".   I was producing these tracks in the studio and suffered constant interruption from a fellow in the control room who I didn't know from Adam (joke) - so I told him to please shut up or kindly leave the stage - which he did!

When I arrived home my wife said Vic Films have been on the phone. Apparently there was a guy in the studio in charge of their music department named Muir Mathieson and he was very impressed with the way you handled everything. They want you to write the score for the movie.

I said "how much?" and they said £150!  I told them to stuff it so they asked John Barry to do it instead. That was virtually the start of his movie career.

* he means Anne Baxter & Donald Sinden.

It's an interesting anecdote though possibly not entirely accurate. JB receives only a "songs arranged by" credit for this film while Muir Mathieson is "musical advisor".  Nobody is credited for writing the score, such as it is.

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