Broadway to Main Street - John Barry

Tuesday, 29 September 2020 11:48

Broadway to Mainstreet - John BarryLaurence Maslon has produced and hosted a radio program/podcast in the United States called "Broadway to Main Street" that celebrates theater music in all its various incarnations.

Occasionally, he does a throw to music from the cinema. He wanted to do a John Barry episode for a long time, where he could share some of Barry's stage music with his audience.  

This episode can be found on various platforms at:  https://broadwaytomainstreet.libsyn.com/john-barry

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The Stringbeat Years Songs accompanied by John Barry

Now available!

The Stringbeat Years: Songs accompanied by John Barry

Now available, a 4-CD box-set comprising of 144 tracks, a 24-page booklet (replete with period photographs and comprehensive notes) and including ten bonus tracks (among them the CD debut of the first ever cover version of a John Barry instrumental composition).

Featuring – for the first time – the film versions of ‘Mix me a Person’, ‘The Time has Come’, and ‘What a Whopper’ (slightly shortened). There’s also an unique opportunity to hear the original version of ‘Ah, Poor Little Baby’, making its premiere appearance on CD.

The box-set is limited to 500 copies and is only £16.99 post-free in the UK, so don’t miss out! It is available direct from this website!

£16.99  post-free in the UK
£19.99  anywhere else in the world

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Let us know if you aren’t able to do this and we’ll work out another way.


  1. Tall Paul (Roberts-B & D Sherman) – The Three Barry Sisters 1959  

  2. Till then (Seiler, Marcus, Wood) – The Three Barry Sisters 1959  

  3. Jo-Jo the dog-faced boy (D & B Sherman-Roberts) – Three Barry Sisters 1959

  4. I ay ove-lay oo-yay (Brout-Lasky) – The Three Barry Sisters 1959

  5. Nowhere in this world (Hart) – Derry Hart and The Hartbeats 1959

  6. Come on baby (Baldock-King) – Derry Hart and The Hartbeats 1959

  7. Ah, poor little baby! (Falk-Koury) – Adam Faith 1959

  8. I vibrate (Twitty) – Adam Faith 1959

  9. She said yeah (Jackson) – Roy Young 1959

10. Baby talk (Schwartz) – Bill & Brett Landis 1959

11. Say mama (Earl-Meeks) – Adam Faith 1959

12. C’mon everybody (Cochran-Capeheart) – Adam Faith 1959

13. Believe what you say (J & D Burnette) – Adam Faith 1959

14. I go ape (Sedaka-Greenfield) – Roy Young 1959

15. It’s late (Burnette) – Vince Eager 1959

16. Fallin’ (Sedaka-Greenfield) – Sylvia Sands 1959

17. Slippin’ & slidin’ (Penniman-Bocage-Collins-Smith) – Roy Young 1959

18. It doesn’t matter anymore (Anka) – Vince Eager 1959

19. Good rockin’ tonight (Brown) – Roy Young and Company 1959

20. What do you want? (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1959

21. From now until forever (Nesbitt-Venis) – Adam Faith 1959

22. Moonbird (Barry) – Des Lane 1959

23. The Clanger march (Braden) – Des Lane 1959

24. Big blon’ baby (Roberts-Jacobson) – Larry Page 1959

25. I vibrate (Twitty) – Larry Page 1959

26. Throw all your lovin’ my way (Barry) – Larry Page 1959

27. How’m I doing, hey, hey (Fowler-Redman) – Larry Page 1959

28. Little old fashioned love (Barry) – Larry Page 1959

29. Marilyn (White) – Larry Page 1959

30. Poor me (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1959

31. The reason (Barry) – Adam Faith 1959

32. Be mine (Menke-Panas-Luth-Stellman) – Lance Fortune 1959

33. Action (Barry-Peacock) – Lance Fortune 1959

34. Made you (Barry-Peacock) – Adam Faith 1959

35. I did what you told me (Barry-Peacock) – Adam Faith 1959

36. Can’t forget (Hawker-Shakespeare) – Johnny Gavotte 1960

37. It’s not too late (Sheridan) – Johnny Gavotte 1960

38. Boston Tea Party (Vandyke) – The Five Dallas Boys 1960

39. Ramona (Wayne-Gilbert) – The Five Dallas Boys 1960

40. The Beat Girl song (Barry-Peacock) – Adam Faith 1960

41. It’s legal (Barry-Maccoby) – Shirley Anne Field 1960

All tracks in mono


  1. Someone else’s baby (Vandyke-Ford) – Adam Faith 1960

  2. Big time (Bart) – Adam Faith 1960

  3. Youthful years (Napper) – Danny Williams 1960

  4. It doesn’t matter (Raysor-Barrett) – Danny Williams 1960

  5. You’re my only girl (O’Mahoney) – Danny Davis 1960

  6. Love me (Stoller-Leiber)- Danny Davis 1960

  7. Johnny comes marching home (Trad. arr. Barry-Maitland) – Adam Faith 1960

  8. Carve up (Bart) – Adam Faith 1960

  9. Little child (Cowen) – The England Sisters 1960

10. Heartbeat (Montgomery-Petty) – The England Sisters 1960

11. How about that! (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1960

12. With open arms (Bacharach-David) – Adam Faith 1960

13. Wonderful time (Howard Guyton) – Adam Faith 1960

14. Diamond ring (J & R Isle) – Adam Faith 1960

15. Summertime (Gershwin-Heyward) – Adam Faith 1960

16. Piper of love (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1960

17. A girl like you (Bacharach-Croswell) – Adam Faith 1960

18. Turn me loose (Pomus-Schuman) – Adam Faith 1960

19. So many ways (Stevenson) – Adam Faith 1960

20. Singin’ in the rain (Freed-Brown) – Adam Faith 1960

21. Fare thee well my pretty maid (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1960

22. I’m a man (Pomus-Schuman) – Adam Faith 1960

23. Hit the road to dreamland (Mercer-Arlen) – Adam Faith 1960

24. Lonely pup (in a Christmas shop) (Alexander) – Adam Faith 1960

25. Greenfinger (Lewis) – Adam Faith 1960

26. Pepe (Wittstart) – Russ Conway 1960

27. Matador from Trinidad (Boyd-Stanford) – Russ Conway 1960

28. Not guilty (Peacock) – Johnny De Little 1960

29. They (Barry-Russell) – Johnny De Little 1960

30. Who am I? (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

31. This is it (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

32. Big wheel (Vandyke) – Gerry Dorsey 1961

33. Over and over (Bart) – Bobby Shafto 1961

34. I want my bed (Bart) – Bobby Shafto 1961

35. Django’s Castle (Reinhardt) – Diz Disley and The Downbeats 1961

All tracks in stereo, apart from nos. 3-6, 9, 10, 28, 29, 32-35


  1. Where you are (Ornadel-West) – Dennis Lotis 1961

  2. Love’s a secret game (Wakley-Inman) – Dennis Lotis 1961

  3. Easy going me (Bart) – Adam Faith 1961

  4. Wonderin’ (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

  5. What a Whopper (Vandyke) (film version) – Adam Faith 1961

  6. The Time has Come (Vandyke) (film version) – Adam Faith 1961

  7. Don’t you know It? (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

  8. My last wish (Barry-Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

  9. I haven’t got you (Bart) – Anita Harris 1961

10. Mr. one and only (Lordan) – Anita Harris 1961

12. I’ve just fallen for someone (Askew) – Adam Faith 1961

12. I’m coming home (Johnson-Rado) – Adam Faith 1961

13. All these things (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

14. It’s all over now (Whyton) – Adam Faith 1961

15. Come to me (Cenci-Carr) – Adam Faith 1961

16. If I had a hammer (Hays-Seeger) – Adam Faith 1961

17. Sho’ know a lot about love (Mize-Paxton) – Adam Faith 1961

18. Second time (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

19. I’m gonna love you too (Maudlin-Sullivan-Petty) – Adam Faith 1961

20. Little yellow roses (Peacock) – Adam Faith 1961

21. As long as you keep loving me (Peacock) – Adam Faith 1961

22. You and me and the gang (Peacock) – Adam Faith 1961

23. The time has come (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

24. A help-each-other romance (Singleton) – Adam Faith 1961

25. Lonesome (Pellish) – Adam Faith 1961

26. Watch your step (Parker) – Adam Faith 1961

27. You’re following me (Hilliard-Bacharach) – Peter Gordeno 1962

28. I got eyes (Smith-Jones-Dixon-Keyes) – Peter Gordeno 1962

29. You know what I mean (Vandyke) – Johnny Worth 1962

30. All these things (Vandyke) – Johnny Worth 1962

31. Stalemate (Martin-Rocco) – Tony Rocco 1962

32. Keep a walkin’ (Sedaka-Greenfield) – Tony Rocco 1962

33. As you like It (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1962

34. Face to face (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1962

All tracks in stereo apart from nos. 1, 2, 5-8, 23, 25, 27-30, 32-34


  1. Uptown (Mann-Weil) – Peter Gordeno 1962

  2. The makings of a man (Stallman-Jacobson) – Peter Gordeno 1962

  3. My tears will turn to Laughter (Askew) – Darren Young 1962

  4. I’ve just fallen for someone (Askew) – Darren Young 1962

  5. Opposites (Bart) – Bill Cotton and Kathie Kay 1962

  6. If the young ones can be happy (Bart) – Bill Cotton 1962

  7. The coffee grinder (Manzo) – Van Doren 1962

  8. La Bamba (Valens) – Adam Faith 1962

  9. You can do it if you Try (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1962

10. The river’s run dry (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1962

11. I know what I want (Unknown) – Adam Faith 1962

12. That’s what love will do (Peacock) – Adam Faith 1962

13. Mix Me a Person (Vandyke) (film version) – Adam Faith 1962

14. Someone nice like you (Newley-Bricusse) – Kathie Kay and Bill Cotton 1962

15. No love but your Love (Scharfenberger-West-Busch) – Marion Ryan 1962

16. Caravan of lonely men (Jeff Barry-Pretlow) – Mark Tracey 1962

17. Never ending (Carr-Newell) – Mark Tracey 1962

18. Down by the riverside (Trad. Arr: Barry) – Peter Gordeno 1962

19. Lover (Rodgers-Hart) – Johnny De Little 1962

20. You made me love you (Monaco-McCarthy) – Johnny De Little 1962

21. White Christmas (Berlin) – Nina and Frederik 1962

22. Silent night (Gruber) – Nina and Frederik 1962

23. Away in a manger (Kirkpatrick) – Nina and Frederik 1962

24. Santa Claus is coming to town (Coots) – Nina and Frederik 1962

Bonus tracks composed by John Barry

25. Rock-A-Billy Boogie (Barry) – The Rock’n Rollers 1958

26. Rodeo (Barry) – Frank Chacksfield and his Orchestra 1958

27. Bee’s knees (Barry) – John Barry Seven & Bob Miller and The Millermen 1959

28. Arrivederci Baby (Barry-Good) – Little Tony and his Brothers 1959

29. Made you (Barry-Peacock) – Fabian 1960

30. Easy beat (Barry) – Bert Weedon 1960

31. Made you (Barry-Peacock) – Don Duke 1960

32. Black stockings (Barry) – Stu Phillips and his Orchestra 1961

33. Trouble shooter (Barry) – Bob Miller and The Millermen 1961

34. Sweet talk (Barry) – Van Doren 1961

All tracks in mono apart from nos. 9-12

Bang tRecently published in the US is Crime and Spy Jazz on Screen, 1950–1970: A History and Discography, by the appropriately named Derrick Bang.

It has 312 pages, and, apparently, devotes more space to John Barry than any other composer in the book!

At $45 it is not exactly cheap, but when has that ever worried anybody who browses on here. :)

There's also a companion book entitled Crime and Spy Jazz on Screen Since 1971: A History and Discography.


News has just reached us that a previously unreleased outtake from the Polydor album The Concert JB will soon be released in the Universal Music France soundtrack series Ecoutez le cinéma! (Listen to Films!).

Let the guessing begin!

 ipcress file 2020 dvd s   ipcress file bd 2020 s

Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Coming October 27th on DVD & BD!
The Ipcress File 2K Restoration Blu-ray and DVD release

• 2K Restoration by ITV
• Audio Commentary by Director Sidney J. Furie and Editor Peter Hunt
• NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Troy Howarth and Film Historian/Filmmaker Daniel Kremer
• Interview with Star Michael Caine
• Interview with Production Designer Ken Adams (sic)
• TRAILERS FROM HELL with Howard Rodman
• 3:07 Theatrical Trailer in Newly Remastered in HD
• 1:07 Theatrical Trailer
• 4 Radio Spots
• Reversible BD Art
• Dual-Layered BD50 Disc
• Optional English Subtitles

Color 109 Minutes 2.35:1 Not Rated
From Harry Saltzman, the producer of James Bond classics Dr. No, Goldfinger, Thunderball and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, comes a film widely recognized as one of the greatest spy thrillers of all time. The Ipcress File is the first film in the series of Harry Palmer mysteries, based on the bestsellers by Len Deighton (Funeral in Berlin), that made Michael Caine (Gambit, The Black Windmill) a star. It is the height of the cold war, and ex-thief Harry Palmer (Caine), now reluctantly working as a secret agent, has been called in to investigate a strange occurrence among a number of leading scientists. It seems the scientists have been kidnapped, but reappear only days after the kidnapping, brainwashed and useless. During the course of the investigation, a tape is uncovered with the word “Ipcress” on it. This stylish classic was directed by Sidney J. Furie (The Appaloosa), shot by Otto Heller (Peeping Tom) and edited by Peter R. Hunt (From Russia with Love), with production design by Ken Adam (Dr. Strangelove) and music by John Barry (Diamonds Are Forever). The great cast includes Nigel Green (Let’s Kill Uncle), Guy Doleman (Billion Dollar Brain), Sue Lloyd (The Bitch) and Gordon Jackson (The Great Escape).

The Day of The Locust released on Blu-ray

Thursday, 30 July 2020 15:52

The Day of The Locust Blu-ray
28 Oct 2020; pre-order at imprintfilms.com.au on July 31.

Australian label Via Vision Entertainment has announced from the recently launched Imprint Collection: The Day of the Locust (1975).

The Deep on 101 Films Blu-ray, August 3

Tuesday, 23 June 2020 12:52

the deep blu ray 101 films sThe Deep
Aug 3, 2020
101 Films


Johnny De Little - article

Friday, 19 June 2020 11:08

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Screenshot 2020 06 14 San 1 Le's 1 Sunday Mirror Sunday 13 April 1969 British Newspaper Archive

Walkabout 4K Second Sight Films bluray release"Limited Edition Blu-ray box set released July 27th. Brand new4K scan and restoration, new extras and 3 books!!

Full details shortly, here's the gorgeous new artwork by Michael Boland..."

The Last Valley Blu-ray

Thursday, 09 April 2020 11:45

The Last Valley - blu-rayJun 23, 2020
Kino Lorber
1971, Color 125 Minutes 2.35:1, Region A

• Brand New HD Master – 2K Scans of Multiple 35mm Prints
• Audio Commentary by Film Historians Howard S. Berger, Steve Mitchell and Nathaniel Thompson
• Optional English Subtitles
• Dual-Layered BD50 Disc
• Trailers

Color 125 Minutes 2.35:1 Rated PG
From acclaimed writer/director James Clavell (Shogun, The Great Escape, To Sir, with Love, The Satan Bug), the stirring war epic The Last Valley stars screen greats Michael Caine (The Ipcress File, Kidnapped) and Omar Sharif (Juggernaut, Doctor Zhivago). As the Thirty Years’ War rages through 17th-century Germany, a fierce captain (Caine) lays waste to any village his army encounters. But when he arrives in an undisturbed valley where he meets a beautiful peasant girl (Florinda Bolkan, Flavia the Heretic), his long-dead memories of peace and happiness are reawakened. As war closes in, will he heed its call... or fight for the new life he has found? This powerful film is both a magnificent spectacle and an intensely personal story of love, friendship and loss. Co-starring Nigel Davenport (Mary, Queen of Scots), Per Oscarsson (Endless Night) and Arthur O’Connell (Anatomy of a Murder), with a rousing score by the great John Barry (The Lion in Winter) and top-notch cinematography by Norman Warwick (The Abominable Dr. Phibes) and John Wilcox (Dr. Who and the Daleks).

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