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The following scans are articles on John Barry from a variety of magazines and newspapers, such as Music from the Movies, Soundtrack! and a History of Rock, all taken from Gareth Bramley's extensive Collection.

Gareth ordered by name, not date - apologies.  if text is too small, it's your browser settings. Firefox can be adjusted.

The Movie, 1968

Songs and Studios
History of Rock


The Sound of Bond
- David Stoner (1983)

James Bond files - photo only


Bond changes his tune
David Stoner, 1983

December 1990


Moviola poster

John Barry Into the Seventies, Part One
Geoff Leonard & Pete Walker
Music for the movies 6, Autumn 1994


John Barry Into the Eighties
Geoff Leonard & Pete Walker
Music for the movies 12, Summer 1996

The Best of Bond: Music


The Word of 007

Czeching out Raise The Titanic
Commentary & Photography by Geoff Leonard
Music for the movies 24, Summer 1996


The Essential Musical Guide to James Bond
Music for the movies 18, Summer 1997

First the violins, then the handkerchiefs -
Composer John Barry is Swept from the Sea
Soundtrack, March 1998


John Barry, La Paciencia de un Creador
Luís Saveedra
Film Music


Q & A John Barry
Hollywood Reporter,
24 August, 1999

And the Bond Played On
December 1999


The Enigma of John Barry
Soundtrack 44, Autumn 2001

Vic Flick, James Bond's favorite guitarist
- Rod M. Lott (Aug - Nov. 2001)
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