John Barry Appreciation Society, Leeds - old newsletters / 'memorabilla' 1978 - 1981

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Geoff Leonard
April 14, 2010

With the recent sad demise of Movie Boulevard, run by Robert Wood & Richard Jolley for many years, we thought visitors to this site might be interested to see the newsletters issued as part of the John Barry Appreciation Society, which preceded the mail-order business and shop.

Obviously some of the news subsequently turned out not to be correct but bear in mind this was well before the internet and for many it was the *only* way of getting any news about John Barry.

Courtesy scans: Gareth Bramley
Copyright: International Filmusic (1978 - 1981).

The John Barry Appreciation Society
The JBAS Magazine
General Information for prospective members, 1978
Issued by the official John Barry Appreciation Society, 1978


No. 1, June 1978, p. 1
No. 1, June 1978, p. 2


No. 2, March 1979, p. 1
No. 2, March 1979, p. 2


No. 2, March 1979, p. 3
No. 3, March 1979, p. 1


"Memorabilla" "Memorabilla"
No. 4, January 1980, p. 1 No. 4, January 1980, p. 2


"Knowing The Score"
p. 3, by G. Roger Hammond"
No. 5, May 1980, p. 1


"Memorabilla" "Knowing The Score"
No. 5, May 1980, p. 2 p. 3, by G. Roger Hammond"


JBAS Newsletter
No. 6, February 1981
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